Here at GetTesting we were contacted to perform some PAT testing at a rental property on the outskirts of Sheffield. The property was previously owned by the current owner’s daughter and was in between tenants. The landlady wanted to perform PAT testing for her own piece of mind to ensure that any appliances that were in place for the new tenants were safe and in good working order.

Damaged electrical socket

Potentially damaged when the door hit a multiplug sticking out from the socket

All of the appliances passed the tests, however while on site the Test Engineer noticed a damaged double socket behind the back door (that looked to have been hit by the door while it had a multiplug connected to it) and a surface mount back box to a fused spur with a hole in the side. It seems the hole was for a flex outlet to the old boiler setup that was no longer in use but hadn’t been replaced making live parts potentially accessible.

After making the client aware, she asked if they could be replaced on the day as it would be easier for her as she lived some 200 miles away. Using only qualified electricians as our test engineers this was no problem. Replacement parts were purchased and re-fitted within the hour. Post-repair, the kitchen ring main was tested and a minor works certificate issued.

Job Details

Sheffield, S10

Customer type
Domestic, buy-to-let

PAT Testing, electrical maintenance

2.5 hrs

~£85 inc. materials

Materials specification