Category: Fire Alarm Servicing

Yes. Domestic fire detection is covered by a different British Standard than the commercial detection systems, BS5839-6:2019 (part 6, 2019 update). The service and maintenance part is quite vague, saying that they should be maintained in line with manufacturers recommendations. Each will vary slightly and you’ll be able to find the instructions on the manufacturers website & in the most part they can be done yourself. Most will include;

Turn off the power
Check battery is in date (usually 10 years but do vary) and replace battery or detector if required
Vacuum out chamber to minimise false or non alarms from dust build up
Wipe with a clean damp cloth
Press the button to test

In some properties such as HMOs & other private rentals you may need 3rd party certification to prove to the insurance company or council that it has been completed. We can offer that as a service including an asset register with model numbers, manufacturers instructions & battery/detector expiry dates.